Architecture Information Technology Welcome to the architecture branch of the CADC-IT department. We are here to provide all forms of computer support. if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions ,we encourage you to contact us at any time.



Laptop Specifications! The school of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture has a laptop policy requiring all students to own personal laptop computers.

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NEW TUTORIAL: Getting Rid of SpamIf you are tired of having spam in your main inbox on tigermail, you can automatically move them to your junk mail file.

FILE MOVERIf you need to share large files, the Auburn Website has a useful tool called "File Mover." You can upload and share any files.

NEW TUTORIAL: Optimize PDF file to Print Large PDF file will not print on the phasers. Optimizing your file will reduce its size without losing quality.

NEW TUTORIAL: How to Fix Print Colors It is not likely to be able to print the exact colors that your monitor shows, but here are a few steps to getting what you see on your screen to match what will come out of the plotters as closely as possible.

Print ReleaseNew: How to use PaperCut


We've started a Print Release SystemFollow these quick and easy steps to release your print jobs. This will let you monitor you print jobs and have security when printing sensitive documents!


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