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APLA has recently acquired three indoor laser cutters. There are two in the plotter room (303) and one located next to the elevator on the 2nd floor. Since these devices are a bit different than the APLA Shop laser cutters we must follow new safety protocols that are unique to them.


Please follow this link to access the safety information and rules webpage. At the end of the reading you are required to complete the Quiz to ensure you understand the current protocols. After the information has been read and the quiz taken/submitted your username will be put into a database that allows you to access the laser cutter computers.


An in-depth tutorial on how to use the indoor laser cutters has been made here. In this tutorial you will find information on how to setup your files, what materials are appropriate to cut, and how to safely operate the indoor laser cutters.


Thank you for your help to ensure we can keep using the indoor laser cutters as safely as possible.




Workstations - Workstations can now be accessed from any device by simply logging on to the APLA Cloud and "checking out" a workstation.


Software - APLA porvided software can now be used cross platform (Mac, PC, etc...).









Accessing Class Folders

Learn how to access your class folders from your laptop.

Windows PC      Macs


How to use the Context SD One+ Scanner

Instructions for scanner located in 303


Operating Classroom Equipment (106, 203 & 431)

Instructions on how to connect with and use the specific classroom equipment in these areas.


Operating Classroom Equipment (102 & 109)

Instructions on how to connect with and use the specific classroom equipment in these areas.


Using the Mobile TV Carts

How to use the Mobile TV Carts located throughout Dudley Hall.

        - Connecting Apple Devices

        - Connecting Windows Devices


Using the Portable Hyflex Bag

CADC Hyflex learning equipment demonstration



Personal Laptops

Laptop Specifications

The school of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture has a laptop policy requiring all students to own personal laptop computers.


Using the VPN Client

Accessing files from home will allow you to work anywhere you want. Get VPN to gain extra flexibility in how you work!


Accessing Your Box Account

Learn how to access your free Box account.


Changing your Auburn University Password

APLA-IT recommends changing your password each semester.


Connecting to Rhino License Server

Learn how to connect to the Rhino License server.


Connecting to the vRay License Server

Learn how to connect to the vRay License server.


Reactivating DUO Mobile

If you get a new phone you will need to go here.


Adding a Printer to Your Laptop

This is a must know for working in Dudley Hall!



Using PaperCut to Release Print Jobs

Follow these quick and easy steps!


Optimizing PDF Files to Print

Large PDF files will not print on the printers. Optimizing your file will reduce its size without losing quality.

Printing on the Plotters

Learn how to submit your file to print on the plotters.


Feeding Custom Paper on Plotters

Learn how to feed custom paper into the plotters for printing.


Loading the Plotters

Plotter out of paper? Check out this tutorial for a quick run down of how to load a new roll of paper onto the plotter!


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